About Me

12565548_10156423367150722_6718785908338729673_nHi! I’m Ridhima Makhija. Thanks for stopping by.

Five feet too tall” is about accepting, embracing and celebrating the flaws, the average, the perfections, and the absolute us for what we are ,in my case short, sand blind and exhaustingly enthusiastic.

A five feet something, I am a fashion enthusiast, a travel buff, a writer, an observer, a nomad and a diehard fan of personal style. Until recently I worked in the luxury fashion industry, consuming creativity first hand from the source. I believe fashion becomes style when someone’s creative expression is embraced in your capacity, on your time, for your joy. In my whole of five feet, no abs, tiny feet but obvious DD’s, I have never felt anything less than liberating joy when I indulge in such creativity. I often meet people who take fashion too seriously and travel extremely casually. So, if dressing up to you is a chore rather than divine chorus and if travel to you is anything but nirvana, if you think too hard and would like to laugh, smile and sometimes shed a tear or two at my expense then follow my tall short stories as I tell them from spaces such as fashion, style, travel and lifestyle.

Claiming no greatness that is not mine but definitely attempting at greatness that is in humor, wit, reflection, love and taking it easy.