1. Such great looks Ridz. You know where woolworths only sell groceries and they are quite a hit, dunno why they haven’t jumped into the clothing side (should be cool if they have such awesome stuff).

    • Ridhima Makhija

      Thank you Neha! I hope the fashion Gods are listening and they send woolies clothing your way very soon ?? they are missing out on dressing such a stylish girl as yourself !!

  2. Savira singh

    Ridhu u rock….i neverrrrr have clothes???but ur article has encouraged me to dig in deep into my wardrobe to find that something newww …..love the blue cobalt heels n the tie up shoes….have been waiting to grab one of the tie ups…loved all the looks??great gng??

    • Ridhima Makhija

      Hi Seeru, thank you for the lovely feedback! I truly do look fwd to your thoughts they are so detailed and full of love? hope to see you soon in lace ups ?

  3. Kritima

    Commendable writing ??….this situation is faced by almost every girl…me being a girl…i can relate to this article really well and wr to say about the looks….its just so much worthy of praises?????? all the best fo future…!!!

  4. Chandni Batta

    That’s truly a versatile dress, looks different in each look! & yes I will dig deep and try work out different looks and hope to find something new each time.

  5. Pallavi Julaniya

    I absolutely love this post and how you have styled a simple dress in so many ways (it has motivated me to do some faithful investments like your’s).
    This post reminded me of our Kazo styling.
    You are far away but each day I learn from you. My true mentor. I Lovveeeeee reading your blogs and I am surely going to find something Newwwww now 😀 thank you!

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