1. Hema

    Haha so witty and fabulously written! I was visualising everything from the birds dropping dead on ur porch next to ur garden chairs and of cpurse that scream!! But can I say something, I kno it’s jus a number but you wouldn’t have celebrated ur 24th the way u did ur 34, had ur Tax man left u and gone. You would have cried all day, sitting in ur bed, filling up ur journal pages- we change we evolve we transform and I guess almost becoming perfect as we are growing older ????❤️????

    • Ridhima Makhija

      Thanks Hema! I totally believe that if text can make your imagination run wild then it’s an indication of good writing ! I also agree that I am stronger and much more protective about my happiness now than I was in my twenties. I don’t lock my happiness in others now. Although my concept of love is still the same, if it’s not crazy, dramatic, passionate enough then it’s not worth my while. We evolve from the lessons we learn and as you can see even at thirty four they are finding me one way or the other ☺️♥️ !!

  2. Mishi Mehta Sood

    Well..34 & beyond this is just a number..!! & you darling will remain 16 till eternity in your passion & spirit..?? Keep the zest going..!! Daffodils & Williams Wordsworth take me back to School days..’Coz again Dahousie will be with us two till we reach our graves ??

    • Ridhima Makhija

      We will always be united in our love and fear of Dalhousie (mostly love ??) Thankyou for the beautiful encouraging feedback!

  3. First of all Happy Birthday once again. Since the day you wrote on Instagram that you will be dropping a blog post, I have been waiting for this post.
    I was imagining what you had written like literally imagining. Your words come alive and make me smile every time I read your posts. You write with your heart and you have a beautiful way of expressing yourself. Funny thing is – how drama is always around you but the mature thing is you gave that drama such a positive twist. I want to just keep writing how I enjoyed the post but for now, I will scroll up and read again. Much love xx

    • Ridhima Makhija

      I attract drama! ?? like I feel there is a God of Drama sitting up there always checking if I got my daily dose of D ? Thanks my love for such an honest, beautiful feedback. I love writing n for the love you show my work, I hope never to stop !

  4. Ruchi shoor

    Beautiful blog , could envisage each moment as if I was right there next to Jozi with quizzical expressions , how i would endlessly chuckle at the wrong delivery?
    The daffodils – Mr. Tall knows how to get to your heart .
    You deserve all this love and some more and hope you continue to get your small packages Of happiness

    • Ridhima Makhija

      Thanks Ru for always pouring your heart out on my blog posts! Of course you would chuckle .. n I would be screaming in my classic “dry cleaner tell off tone” if you know what I mean ?

    • Ridhima Makhija

      Thankyou dear Preeti di ! I have been shaky .. you have seen me that way too .. but I received too much love this year on my birthday to be anything but grateful! Love you for always dropping in your thoughts ❤️

  5. Chandni

    So beautiful and so poetic, such a pleasure to read! Good words have something magical … they touch your heart in a way that you don’t want to stop reading !

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