1. Mishi Mehta Sood

    Extremely touching..! Loved every bit of it.. My childhood memories of naani & daadi house just flashed by..!!! Very well put together..??

    • Ridhima Makhija

      Thank you for taking out the time to read and feedback, the actual joy of writing comes from the people who read it ??

  2. payal

    It was your deligent effort that got her the touch phone…..which i thought she would never be able to oprate ….but time and again she has proved to be much smarter …..sooo proud to be your daughter mom.

  3. Savira singh

    Rimmi this is so touching…..we all r so busy in our lives that we forget what difference can our one call make to our dear ones….loved every bit of the article??

  4. Ruchi Shoor

    You have found your calling as a writer!This one is truly heart touching. Loved the analogy of the mixer which describes the pain of loneliness!
    Reminding me my own Nani , who was v well educated ,environmentally conscious, had the warmest heart and would educate us about eating local food and saving money. You touched that cord!

    • Ridhima Makhija

      Thanks Ruchi, I am glad to be the story teller as long as the stories touch cords.. !! Thank you for extremely thoughtful feedbacks ?

  5. Neelima Malhotra

    This is how it goes: when I asked nani what would she want me to convey to you regarding this post- this is what she said- tu rahen de, mein aappe likh daiyaan gi!( forget it, I’ll write myself!) I managed to hide my shock.
    I think that sums it all. There’s never a dull moment with her and
    There’s so much to learn from her.

    Having said that, Ridhi, thank you for reviving old memories and reminding us that joy lies in those small moments shared with loved ones.
    God bless you.
    (Nani is trying hard to control her tears)

  6. Hema

    Beautifully penned down ridhima! I didn’t get a chance to see any of my grandparents except my nani very briefly but I get a lot of love from Saurabh’s grandmom now. She’s a sweetheart- and I make sure i go see her as often as I can. Also Amazing on how nani at that age has managed to use the touch screen. Well done nani ?

    • Ridhima Makhija

      I remember your Nani Hem, she was so cuddly and you were so ecstatic about spending time with her and would keep telling me to touch her arms to feel how soft she was ?? Good on your part to share your love with Saurabh’s grandmother, I know you are very fond of her !! Thanks for the feedback ?

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