1. Neha Singh

    Love this post…! Its so vulnerable, funny and honest all at the same time. I agree, fighting your age or aging is futile, better to enjoy your today and look back only in fondness that yesterday helped you take a few steps forward in life – towards a better you!

    • Ridhima Makhija

      Thanks Neha!! I love your feedbacks, I tend to pick more food for thought from your writing and then it inspires me to write another piece !! Glad you are enjoying this ??

  2. Savira singh

    Lovely put together….i think at every age the present pressures make u miss the memorable good young times as u say….so ney age is young till u feel so n wanna feel so….leave aside the biological clock ticking….so as u say ridhu whether im turning 34 or 44 or maybe 54….its gonna be the new young age for me….hahaha

  3. Ruchi

    Hahaha love this post filled with humor and so so relatable.
    My mom calls me on my 34th birthday and the convo goes as below, (this stage follows after endless and clearly futile amount of HAB talk)
    Mom- happy birthday ru, long silence ….
    Me – haan haan mom now you will say when I was your age , I had my children
    Mom – nope I had way passed that stage at 34 , at this time my eldest child was 10
    Loving these straight from the heart blogs . Keep them flowing in.

    On a separate note ,As much as I loved my 20s carefree life, living off dads money , I wouldn’t trade it for what I have now . I love my 30s and would happily be stated 34.

    • Ridhima Makhija

      Thank you Ru, glad that we connect on this .. I guess on another plane our mommies are sailing on the same boat and planning to launch the next HAB campaign ??

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