1. Pooja

    Rani Pink. I use such monikers for people, too. 🙂

    And The Prophet was my bible for the longest time.

    Lovely writing, as always.

  2. Shikha

    Yet again a fabulous read! Convulated topic and complex opinions ( of the world ) – shared with honest writing ! Loved it

  3. Hema Thapar

    In other words- it’s all a part of GoT!! I think you caught me in the middle of such times where I’m doing only 2 things- bacha and GoT(usually it’s jus the 1st one) but actually everything seems to be a part of it-marriage, having a child, having a boy theory-Think about it! I’m on the last season- I cried last night when Jon Snow died- he’s my hero!
    Lovely write up as usual?? give us something crappy now hahaha

    • Ridhima Makhija

      Can’t imagine you crying for a fictional character, we totally need to discuss this.. I think I knew you so well but turns out just like Rani pink you have completely surprised me !!

  4. Neelima

    So well interspersed with poetry that touches your heart. Had almost forgotten Gibran n deep connections that he built with life’s deeper concerns.

    As always, the text completely engages you.

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